Project Title                          : Consumer Academy
Applicant Organization       : Turkish Republic Directorate General for Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance
Project Partners

Project Duration                  : 24 months
Project Start Date                 : 01.09.2014
Project End Date                  : 31.08.2016
Project Budget                      : 214.235 €

Turkish Republic Ministry for European Union Affairs - The Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes - Turkish National Agency, which carries out the activities regarding the European Union education and youth programmes in Turkey, has decided to adopt Erasmus+ Programme instead of the Life Long Learning and Youth Programmes implemented by the European Union between 2007-2013.
Within the concept of Strategic Partnership in Adult Education and Sector Skills Alliances Strategic Partnership (Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices) activities, Consumer Academy Project prepared by the Directorate General for Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance was entitled to receive a grant after an evaluation process.
Consumer Academy is an online education platform serving the consumers primarily. The main objective pursued is ensuring an increase in their level of knowledge and consciousness by means of the contents, such as videos, applications and quizzes, made available at the web site. The platform is designed to meet their basic and advanced needs in terms of their rights and recourse mechanisms.
Consumer Academy is a platform based on e-learning practices designed to ensure sharing of information among the NGOs, teachers, and university members working in the field of consumer protection, public authorities and individuals. The Academy also aims to provide data and knowledge, by means of the education modules on regulations about consumer protection, recourse mechanisms and consumer rights. The content is projected to be enhanced by the participation of the partners from the Hungary, England, Poland and Turkey in terms of the legal framework and implementations within the EU and other jurisdictions.

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This publication has been produced by Turkish Republic Ministry of Customs and Trade with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union within the concept of the Project titled ‘Consumer Academy’. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Turkish Republic Ministry of Customs and Trade and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the Turkish National Agency and the Commission.