Conditions of Use for the Forum

  1. The person who writes messages for the forum, is responsible for his/her own remarks.
  2. Any message which is illegal according to Turkish or International laws, agreements, or regulations cannot be used on the forum.
  3. Demeaning or provocative comments against a community are not permitted.
  4. Threatening messages, slang, messages in conflict with traditions, hate messages;  messages that contain discriminatory content in terms of culture, religion, language or race; behaviour which belittles forum administrators and users are not permitted.   
  5. To share political messages  having no purpose other than  propaganda  is forbidden.
  6.  Messages with harrasment or bullying are not permitted 
  7. Messages with capital letters are not permitted. 
  8. You may not ask other users to visit your website, advertise a product that you sell or intermediate,  send messages with a commercial purpose or any messages which advertise websites with copyright restrictions such as crack, warez, hareack appz, mp3 etc are not permitted.
  9. Visuals other than those with educational or exemplary purposes cannot be used. Visuals cannot be added to signatures. 
  10. Forum administrators and managers preserve the  right to change or delete messages against rorum rules.
  11. Members in breach of Forum rules shall be given a warning by managers. If the breach persists, such members will be removed from the Forum. 
  12. Forum managers preserve the right to update or add to Forum regulations at anytime.
  13. All sorts of sharing involving copyright restrictions such as crack, warez and mp3 are not permitted.
  14. All forum members agree to accept these conditions of use from the start of their membership.
Copyright © Consumer Academy 2015
This publication has been produced by Turkish Republic Ministry of Customs and Trade with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union within the concept of the Project titled ‘Consumer Academy’. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Turkish Republic Ministry of Customs and Trade and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the Turkish National Agency and the Commission.