Rights of Privacy, Copyright and Rights of Use
Consumer Academy takes the following measures to protect people and their information when using  Consumer Academy. Consumer Acadey takes all measures required for providing the system and its visual infrastructure to its users in a secure way.

Protection of Personal Data
Information shared by users with Consumer Academy accessing services and updating their personal information is monitored only by system managers repsponsible for accessing and screening infomation. System managers employed by Consumer Academy can use information only to proect the consistency and safety of the Consumer Academy system.
Information shared with Consumer Academy cannot be shared with third parties or institutions without personal consent unless there is a legal obligation such as a court decision to share information.

Copyright in relation to the design and methodology used to create Consumer Academy belong to Consumer Academy. The registered trademark, patent, intellectual and other property rights of any materials providing competitive advantage to the website belong to Consumer Academy,   with the exclusion of the materials belonging to third parties and companies.

Limits of Liability
Cooperation with other institutions is obtained through links to institutions’ websites or by providing interfaces of internet services of such institutions. Committments embedded in Rights of Privacy are valid only for the use of Consumer Academy and do not cover  public institutions’ own internet sites which are linked to it or their services.
Web sites which are accessed through Consumer Academy are to define their own Rules of Privacy and Use.  Consumer Academy may not be held responsible for any of the following on other websites linked to Consumer Academy: protecting privacy or information obtained from other websites; ethical rules obtained from a site; any systemic or visual quality loss, moral or material loss engendered.

Copyright © Consumer Academy 2015
This publication has been produced by Turkish Republic Ministry of Customs and Trade with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union within the concept of the Project titled ‘Consumer Academy’. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Turkish Republic Ministry of Customs and Trade and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the Turkish National Agency and the Commission.