In order to  to ensure that you spend your time as safely and comfortably as possible on the Consumer Academy websites, including the main and auxiliary sites,  the following rules are followed when collecting and using  your personal information:

Cookie Policy
Like many websites, cookies are used for various reasons on this website (“Website” is used herein to include the website and business partners’ websites).  Communication documents, named as cookies, are documents sent to computers and cell phones of website users by Website.
How and why are cookies used?
This website,  aims to provide customized content and advertisements according to users’ interests and needs. By avoiding  irrelevant advertisements users are not intested in, the website experience is improved. Cookies help us to recognize you and in this way they enable us to make the website more useful and beneficial for our users by providing content and advertisements that might attract users’ attention.

  1. Cookies can be used to provide advertisements that might attract your attention, and to detect if you visit the website of a product or service after seeing the advertisement on our website. 
  2. Cookies can be used to obtain statistics such as the number of visitors to the website, user type, visit frequency, user behaviour and patterns, the countries that visitors come from etc. 
  3. Cookies may be inserted on Website by third parties to analyze user preference (e.g. the cookies that are used when users click the advertisments of third parties). Data collected through cookies can be used to place content or advertisments on other websites.
  4. Cookies from business partners’ websites for the purposes listed above may be used. In these cases, the objective is to provide content and advertisments that are relevant to users’ interests.
  5. Cookies used by Website or business partners in Website or other websites allow for obtaining data on other websites as well.

What kind of information can be obtained by means of cookies?
Information may be obtained about websites which visitors come from and switch to, location of users, feedback on advertisment banners, personal information of users shared with Website at their own discretion, preferences on Website and movements on pages of Website or business partners’ websites in social media.  Membership details shared with Website can be retrieved and analyzed for the objectives noted above.   Information from social media may only be retrieved and analyzed  after informing you about the information and getting your authorisation.  By not giving approval, you can block the process and prevent your data from being retrieved and analyzed.
To block the use of cookies
You can block cookies through your browser; however, it might restrict the features that you can use in Website. It is recommended that you look at your browser settings to check if your browser enables you to manage cookies.

Sharing Data obtained by means of cookies with third parties
The behavioural and personal data that are obtained by means of cookies can be used with business partners and third parties for reasons stated herein.
On Website, links and access can be given to websites and contents that are managed by third parties.  Website has no control over third party content.
On the Website, plugins can be used for third party platforms. Collected data can be used by third parties. If users visit Website while they are connected to their account in these platforms, the information gathered might be correlated.
Data gathered for the abovementioned reasons can be merged with data of  marketing programmes focused on customer satisfaction  which belong to Website or business partners and of which the users are members . The purpose is to learn more about customer needs and provide customised services by making use of marketing programmes and their applications. Merged data can be analyzed with the purposes and methods that are stated herein and in marketing programmes.
Personal data analyzed by Website or third parties within the framework of herein defined policy can  be shared with third parties hired for the purposes of analyzing data and only to the extent that is appropriate for the purpose of hiring. Third parties which services are received from, can keep or transfer data from the home country to abroad or vice versa.

Comply with Legal Regulations
Website cannot take any illegal action nor have any objectives not written in this document. Your data will be protected with precautions for full security; credit card and payment details will not be held under any circumstances. This can be revised to comply with any changes to legal requirements.

Rights of users who have their data retrieved
Users who have their data retrieved have the right to ask for the following:
If their data has been analyzed; to ask for the information relating to the analysis; the purpose of analysis and its appropriateness; to ask who the third parties are and if the data has been shared with others in the home or other countries; to demand ammendment of innacurate or false information; to ask for removal of personal data in line with relavant legislation; to ask for the reporting of amendment/erase or efface to third parties  unless such action is impossible  or requires unproportional labor; to object to disadvantageous consequences occuring from the analysis of data in automated systems, and to demand compensation of loss in case the data has been analyzed in breach of relavant legislation.
By visiting the Website, the user agrees with the cookie policy and collection of his/her data in accrodance with the terms of this policy.

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